Friday, July 5, 2013

More Pictures of Madelyn Sheaffer Out of Her Bikini

There really is no bikini that can constrain Madelyn Sheaffer. The word is she pumps the iron. So a lot of that is muscle. It's a frightening prospect in terms of engaging her in a tete a tete because her tete is so much more ample than yours. Dr. Henry Wolfsburg suspects if this woman were 25 years old with a willowy waist and enormous silicone bazongas, no one would have dared stop her from entering the water park. 

But I don't think fifty yards of burlap could completely conceal all that vavoom. It just is. It's not obscene. It's an avalanche of femininity. Did this woman do anything wrong or breech the rules of civility this society lives by? I don't think so. Our idealized modern version of femininity as this stick-thin, submissive, duck-faced sorority girl is doing a great disservice to generations of young men who just are missing out on all the shapes and sizes that comprise woman.