Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nichelle Nichols Nude Pics

Oh hail yes. Nichelle Nichols, better known as Nyota Uhuru of the original Star trek series.

Purists dispute Nichols and co-star engaged in the first interracial kiss broadcast on American television. Zombiethong says close enough.

Nichols sang with Duke Ellingston and Lionel Hampton before becoming an actress.

Former NASA astronaut Mae Jemison has cited Nichols' role of Lieutenant Uhura as her inspiration for wanting to become an astronaut

Nip slip


Nice vacuum pose

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Tits That Broke the Color Barrier: Sylvia McFarland

We all know that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League baseball, but few know that it was a big-breasted, small-waisted Black woman, born in Detroit, and raised in Trinidad, that broke the titty barrier. Her name was Sylvia McFarland.

Her DDD boobs reportedly weighed 20 LBS

It is reported on occasion she would take a shower.

Then sit on a couch to air dry.

To give you some idea of proportion: that's a tree branch.

Speaking of proportion.

I like that lamp in the background.

Necklace made out of teeth that broke off on her tits.

Your attempts are futile.

In my beautiful balloon.

Five feet tall.

Her career was very short, approximately 1974-1977, and she is said to have returned to Trinidad after her short-lived career. A couple of soft-core movies have been rumored to exist, but have not surfaced.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

You Know How I Know Tom Cruise Is Gay? Mimi Roger's Tits.

Tom Cruise needs to come clear about one issue. 

Mimi Roger's tits.

Playboy 1993. 

I'm going to need to need to get an E-meter reading on those

On second thought, let me just get in there and audit those myself.

The Door In the Floor 2004


How they hangin'?

You can get about two billion more pictures of her boobs. Somebody has to check them out, because Tom Cruise isn't interested. 

Full Body Massage 1995

Three way action with David Duchovney in The Rapture 1991

Later, fornicators.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Price Ain't Exactly Wrong, Bob. Dian Parkinson, Barker Beauty 1975-93

No sad trombone needed for this segment.

From 1975 to 1993, Parkinson was a Barker's Beauty model on the U.S. television show The Price Is Right, frequently appearing in the "Price Is Right Department Store" Showcase as the elevator operator, as well as becoming the favored model among male viewers for operating the Bump pricing game. Her 18-year tenure on TPIR was among the longest of any of the models.

In 1994 Parkinson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court (case no. BC106366) against host and executive producer Bob Barker for sexual harassment regarding forced sexual acts in the late 1980s. She claimed a three-year sexual relationship extorted by threats of firing from The Price Is Right.

Watch what happens to these jackasses who disrespect the flag

You want a piece of me, old man?

No, I want the whole thing.

Rod Roddy.You want to come on down?

You know, Dian, oddly enough, no, I'm one of the 3-5% of men not interested in coming on down. Maybe later.

Your loss.

In a 1993 interview when asked about Bob Barker's animal rights advocacy, Parkinson rejoined "He's always treated my beaver nicely."

As Bob Hope told Parkinson after she toured Vietnam with him on the USO tour in 1965: "Thanks for the mammaries." 

You won a new couch. What couch?

That'd be in the butt, Bob. Wait a minute. Wrong show. Wrong Bob. Wrong blog.

Three new pictures of Elvira 

Only a Wikipedia editor wouldn't know the taint is where the pussy ain't.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Best Breasts of the 1970's? Easy. Ricardo Montalban.

Zombiethong is all about the best breasts of the 1970's. So, when Zombiethong board members Dr. Henry Wolfsburg and Dr. Millard Rausch put their esteemed minds together to try and decide who had the best breasts of the entire decade, only one person came to mind...


They're 100% real, and they're spectacular! He's had them all his life. 

Ricardo Montalban was the epitome of continental elegance, charm and grace on film and television and in the late 1940s and early 1950s reinvigorated the Rudolph Valentino / Ramon Novarro "Latin Lover" style in Hollywood without achieving top screen stardom. Moreover, unlike most minority actors of his time, he fought to upscale the Latin (particularly, Mexican) image in Hollywood. His noted militancy may have cost him a number of roles along the way, but he gained respect and a solid reputation as a mover and shaker within the acting community while providing wider-range opportunities for Spanish-speaking actors via Los Angeles theater.

Oh, the rich, Corinthian leather.

There's only one proper reaction to a perfect set like that...

Ricardo Montalban, by far the best breasts of the 1970's.

Adrienne Barbeau's spectacular breasts, if you like that sort of a thing

Why Ron Jeremy is a Bad Dude

The sad case of the man who made tits boring